Forbes Flyer

The Forbes Flyer

The Newsletter of the Francis Forbes Society

The Forbes Flyer is designed to be an informative reference source for members of the Forbes Society. It contains information about events of historical significance, articles about legal research and details of future lectures and other activities the Forbes Society.


No.1 (July 2003) to No. 10 (Summer 2005-06)
  • No.1 (July 2003)
  • No.2 (September 2003)
  • No.3 (December 2003)
  • No.4 (March 2004)
  • No.5 (July 2004)
  • No.6 (October 2004)
  • No.7 (December 2004)
  • No.8 (Winter 2005)
  • No.9 (Spring 2005)
  • No.10 (Summer 2005-06)
 No.11 (Autumn 2006) to No.20 (Winter 2008)
 No.21 (Autumn 2009) to No.29 (Winter 2012)

Forbes Flyer 41 includes a commentary on the current situation, as well as a review of Sir Frederick Jordan – Fire under the frost,   Keith Mason, 2019, The Federation Press, 260pp. Click on the following link for the flyer: Forbes Flyer – No 41 – Autumn 2020

The flyer includes an index of articles since its inception




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