2010 essays

The Prize for the 2010 Australian Legal History Essay Competition has been awarded to Sarah Webster, a Year 10 student at Cecil Hills High School in Sydney, whose work was supervised by Mr Ashok Shandil, a History Teacher at the School. Sarah’s essay has been pubished in the Australian Bar Review.

The question for the 2010 Australian Legal History Essay Competition was:

“Can Australian History teach us anything about the role of altruism and personal responsibility in the law?”

The Competition offered an opportunity to explore the concept of a “duty of care” in the civil law of negligence; the idea, found in the criminal law of homicide, that, outside war, no person is entitled to save his or her life by killing another; and the notion of “Collective Wrongs” epitomised by the Australian Parliament’s apologies to “The Stolen Generations” and “The Forgotten Generations”.

Read the Conditions and Guidelines for the Competition the associated General Outline and copies of judgments in Donoghue v Stevenson (in two parts, (1) and (2) and The Queen v Dudley & Stevens.