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The latest Forbes Flyer No 35 (Spring 2017) has been published and is available on the following link: The Forbes Flyer No 35 (Spring 2017)

. This issue of the  newsletter of the Francis Forbes Society for Australian Legal History includes:

    • Five upcoming events arranged by the Society
    • The 36th Annual Conference of ANZLHS, Christchurch, 14-16 December
  • Aborigines & Australian Law
  • David Barker, A History of Australian Legal Education, 2017, Federation Press, 275pp, a review
  • nova constitutio futuris formam imponere debet, non praeteritis (Or how to commit a legal crime)
  • Law and literature




Forbes Flyer, No. 34,  is available at the following link:     Autumn 2017. Forbes Flyer

The 34 Flyer includes a report on: Mark Finnane’s 2016 Plunkett Lecture

Also, a review of Max Bonnell’s intriguing biography of that elusive colonial judge, John Walpole Willis. It is well worth reading! See

John Walpole Willis


John Walpole WIllis

The previous Forbes Flyer is available by clicking on: forbes-flyer-33-autumn-2016