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Centenary of Women’s Legal Status Act of 1918

2018 marks the centenary of the landmark Women’s Legal Status Act on 1918 which gave women the right to practise as lawyers in New South Wales.

The Forbes Lecture for 2018

Wednesday 30 May 2018: We were delighted that the Hon Justice Virginia Bell AC could  deliver the 2018 Forbes Lecture to mark the Centenary of the Women’s Legal Status Act 1918 (NSW). The lecture was chaired by Arthur Moses SC and was very well attended and  we thank Her Honour for the fascinating presentation.

Anyone interested in the background to the passage of the Act can find further details in the following article on the topic  published  in Bar News Summer, 2010 – 2011.  Background to the Women’s Legal Status Act 1918,

Women Marching in Sydney in 1917 - reviewed by Lady Helen Munro Ferguson.

VADs marching in Sydney in 1917 – Lady Cullen, wife of Chief Justice Sir William Cullen was the State President of the Red Cross and a leading public figure at the time. One of the main reasons given for the passage of the Act was that women had ‘proved their worth’ through their support of the war.